what shall i do when a griefer in my team continually keeps blocking my tower and there is no admin online and votekick doesn`t work? for example in a recent game, the player call “cheese” did this and there was nothing i could do

Yeah votekicks almost never work anyways lol. Try downloading a recording software such as bandicam, then record the players griefing or blocking you in. Then just post the video of their misdeads and if its good enough they’ll be banned. That or just ignore them lol. Good luck sir!

i will try to download that software and also try to play at the same time with a trusted player, who i hope soon will become admin called “juliansky”, i think babel is so popular that it needs more admins and guard admins, juliansky is an interesting choice in order to solve this kind of griefing problems, thank you for your answer and please consider my propose

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