As I’ve played this game [Ace of Spades] more and more, I’ve noticed that there is more griefing.
Before it was blocking up the tent or the towers, but it’s getting worst to some extent.
People, either from ignorance or intent have started to mess with the game in ways it should have not been.

It seems to be on the rise. Many times I’ve been spawn camped due to a ‘player’ blocking up areas and making it hard to clear up.
Even if someone is trusted, you can’t break blocks if the enemy is near…
So a wall becomes now a problem, since it can’t be cleared out when the enemy is near.
Intel holding/hogging is another side to the story, where the whole game changes, just because someone switches teams and decides to hold the intel for 5 minutes.
From people shooting to give away your camping position or saying in public chat “hey, what are you doing behind their base?”.
From people blocking you inside blocks when the enemy is near, so there is no way to break out of them…
From people following you and taking the role as the ‘noob’ who constantly gives away your position by them being close to you…
Recording abuse takes time and many times when you switch to spectator or are ready to record such abuse they stop.
Often people who grief and abuse do not stay long, they join for about 5 minutes or so and grief the team and leave.(It seems.)

This topic is not meant to be critical of staff, as they already spend time to check reports and ban cheaters and griefers.
It’s more of the players who have failed, when someone griefs or knows/realize it is happening… at very least, please votekick them.
“Oh, but they are on the other team, so lets not votekick them.” (This kind of thinking has to stop.)
Griefing ruins the game play and the experience for everyone, even if it doesn’t ruin yours at the moment.
Take the time and make the effort to report griefers or votekick them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this topic. :wink:


p.s. Thoughts on this?

for some reason members of the other team barely take part in the vk because a hacker is on their team