Grenades in Arena mode

Grenades have long been debated within the Arena-mode. Should they be allowed? Should you get more? Should they deal more damage? etc.

I used to be for the nerfing of grenades because I was new to the game and always got killed by grenades… But now it’s gotten to the point where it requires 3 grenades aimed very well to kill someone. (if you are lucky) Grenade kills have become virtually non-existent in the Cs.Arena (where I play).

My point of view (which I believe is shared by others) is that Grenades have become rather useless. They only make you think you are killing your enemy when instead you only knock about 15 - 30 hp off. I can see some making the point that this game-mode is for shooting only, but I’d say it is more about strategy, teamwork, skill, and winning. I can also see how some may think that grenades shouldn’t be powerful, and to that I say that these are GRENADES - not rose petals - they do damage.

I wanted to make this poll to see what others thought, and allow people to share their thoughts on the matter.

{LAG} Irongears {LAG}

Poll was already done, community said 50%, now nades are back to ~25% again.
Plz make 50% nades.

In my rather controversial opinion, we should reinstate the infamous spade-nade glitch. I know people do not like getting “insta-killed,” but there are notable benefits.

  • Reduces and discourages camping in well known or obvious locations

  • Increases the effectiveness of grenades (they’re pretty awful right now)

  • Lowers the potency of the smg in arena (Conversely raising rifle usage with shotgun still being fairly viable)

  • [details=“Fourth Point”]The nade go skrrrra
    pap pap cla cla cla
    and the br br brrr boom
    skyyya du du ku ku du doom
    poom poom[/details]

(Also, timing the explosion and executing properly isn’t as easy as people make it out to be)

lets just revert back to older versions of aos that only give you two nades.

imo nades are find the way they are.

Not in arena, they aren’t. Splash damage is far too negligible. You need to basically land perfectly timed direct hits with them in order to guarantee a kill. One block off target and they take 60 damage at best. Sure, nades can be low-skill weapons that are spammed for cheap area denial, but that is balanced out by them losing nades for later. Nades can also be used skillfully by players who know how to cook them.

Grenades are right now firecrackers. There was a huge controversy about a year back about a sudden decrease in damage, and they were dubbed “firecrackers” by Apoc and some others. The staff said they were reverted to what they should be, but I’ve always felt they’re still firecrackers, yet we voted as a community to buff them, not to full, but to at least half, but it didn’t happen. I feel that they still need another buff, not enough bang for my buck right now.


(I’d like to thank Iron for actually posting the thread like we discussed last night, wasn’t sure if someone was going to, but I’m glad you did Iron!)

I’m probably one of the most recent players to Ace of Spades Classic, but I’ll still provide a bit of my thoughts on the subject.

The grenades are not powerful enough, this is the majority of what players think.
Switching from Babel to Arena/CounterStrike was a massive change with the way the game played as the grenades did not do much damage.

Grenades at their current level of damage, should be removed or increased in damage.


I’ll go ahead and clarify further… (cause why not) but like Apocalyptic mentioned:

You need to basically land perfectly timed direct hits with them in order to guarantee a kill.
And even that is a little inaccurate, when playing a last night I was on the receiving-end of some grenades (3 to be exact) and the first [b]two[/b] landed DIRECTLY on me (I thought I was going to die) but I survived with 20+hp (and the another grenade came and I died, but still) - Grenades in my opinion should do at least 50% - If I was hit directly by 1 or 2 grenades (or at least within 1 or 2 blocks) then I should be dead. I know some might be annoyed with that, but I actually enjoy grenades being a part of the arena games, and surprise grenades flying over walls. Some might find it annoying, but I enjoy it. (And then you also get to practice flinging grenades back at the enemy)

weaker nades require more teamwork

not true… i just tested myself; one block off is still death from full health

well, they are quite different game modes, so you should expect a massive change when switching from one to the other! but nades aren’t the reason for that… neither mode was designed with the intention of prioritizing nades. in fact, my argument is that high nade damage takes away from the strategic element of arena because its easy kill power becomes the focus, especially on arena’s such small maps.

that’s a result of lag or your client not showing the nade’s precise location

you would be. test it yourself. next time you’re on arena, throw a nade next to yourself after the gate drops.

i’ve pointed this out before, but i think it’s time for a reminder: arena became popular with the same low nade damage that is in effect right now. this is the setting that was used during arena’s first year to two of existence when our three arena servers were full pretty much 24/7. its popularity started dropping right around the time nade damage was accidentally set back to default. coincidence? i think not because AoS was still very popular at that time and our other popular servers didn’t drop in popularity at the rate that arena did. it’s also worth noting that for a long time there wasn’t really any fuss about nade damage until an admin (i think it was me but i’m not sure) confirmed that there was reduced nade damage on arena. bottom line, many people seemed to enjoy arena just fine when the configuration was a mystery.

not sure about changing the damage by nades. i didnt feel any discomfort while playing. (if you compare arena-servers with babel - i didnt play babel).

increasing damage may have a not good effect, when some random nade from noob may killed a half of opposite team in tight space.

but my idea is to give to nades the damage for structures (ofc for arena-servers). it will be elegant decision to fight with campers at sneaky points (for example - home at green spawn at cs italy, or green base tunnel exit at cs-militia, or vent at cs-assault).

As a Cs_arena main player, My opinion is 1 powerful nade. People will be less inclined to spam them and will use them more tactically when for exemple clearing a room. The current Firecrackers are barely a viable solution. I don’t even use them most of the time cause they feel like water balloons. Just my opinion which has been the same for a couple of years now.

Having nade damage would be a horrible idea on some maps and good on certain maps. If i take Italy, the map is mostly made of 1 layer of thickness blocks and having nade damage would completly break the map. allowing glitch spots to be legal somehow. On a map like cs _assault, it would be usefull to create a new entrance to green base or exit depending on which side you are.
Maps like militia and Nuke would suffer a lot from nade damage since ppl would nade off the stairs. my opinion? Not worth the risk too many problems would be created with that.

I never liked nades much cause they feel too much random based. You can nuke across the map on De_dust and get 4 kills or get none. It doesn’t make the player want to be better cause they can always rely on nades to eliminate half the enemy team in one blow.
3 Current Nades with their bullshit damage are somewhat balanced but i still would rather only 1 More powerful Nade.


Increasing grenade damage while having fewer grenades is good in CQC because it’s mostly hallways, building floors, etc. and you have to be careful in using them because you might damage yourself.
1 or 2 grenades would be fine. CS:GO nades dont do shit. In Black Ops your legs would be blown off.

when playing a last night I was on the receiving-end of some grenades (3 to be exact) and the first two landed DIRECTLY on me (I thought I was going to die) but I survived with 20+hp

that’s a result of lag or your client not showing the nade’s precise location

Well I know I have {LAG} in my name, but I get an average of 75ms ping. I’m sorry, but if someone with 75ms is having problems with where nades are (thinking they are well timed, etc.)… just sayin. I agree more with twoday that nades should be more powerful but you don’t get as many.

One other advantage I like with more powerful nades is that many times it comes down to a lot of people to 1 person, and if that person was smart with a grenade, they might even the odds a bit.

I can see some making the point that this game-mode is for shooting only, but I'd say it is more about strategy, teamwork, skill, and winning.

weaker nades require more teamwork

weaker nades don’t really require more teamwork, it requires having more team members alive (because they’ll be more greens/blues coming in swarms). Big difference.

Anywho, I know that probably nothing will happen in the way of changing nades because many think nothing is wrong, I just wanted to post this because I was getting tired of grenades being useless. :slight_smile:

Well, I’d say the majority of staff aren’t on board, there go the chances of fixing grenade damage.
Like seriously, nades have become useless, I use them still because it’s become automatic, but still useless.

sorry to say, but you can’t reduce the amount of grenades a player has. it’s just not possible with the game’s netcode :frowning:

What about increasing the damage from 25% to 50%?
I’ve been doing some testing tonight and 5 blocks away lost 18 hp, 3 blocks away 36 hp, and only standing on it was I able to be killed by it, ridiculous!
For comparison, I always tested the same amount of blocks away on babel, 5 blocks away 71 hp, 3 blocks away dead, much better than arena.

From the old AoS Wiki on default nade damage
600dmg if 0 blocks away
400dmg if 1 block away
200dmg if 2 blocks away
100dmg if 3 blocks away

Current Arena damage (assuming 25% like in the past)
150dmg if 0 blocks away
100dmg if 1 block away
50dmg if 2 blocks away
25dmg if 3 blocks away

I can understand not wanting insta-nadekills for a 3 block radius, but the damage dropoff from reducing damage to something like 25% is too high.

here’s a graph of how much damage you actually take from an explosion a given number of blocks away from you (as long as you’re within 16 blocks of it in any given direction) currently. dark = default, light = arena

if the image on the old wiki is the one i made for it ages ago and it gives you those values it’s probably because i’m dumb, i’m pretty sure the above graph is correct

What is the x axis?

distance from the grenade in blocks. if you’re more than 16 blocks away along any of the world axes then you take no damage, but if you’re just under 16 blocks away along each axis you can take damage from up to √(16² + 16² + 16²) ≈ 27.1 blocks away