got banned for hacking

  1. i did wait, still banned
  2. aloha pinpoint
  3. T_T … using an aimbot
  4. Hello admin(s) i am sorry for using an aimbot even though i’m not supposed to. =.= I still would love to play this game for another year or two and to stop now would be very saddening for me cause this is one of my favourite games D:. If i get unbanned i will stop aimbotting once and for all and if i do aimbott you can ban me and i won’t argue.
  5. it was around 1 pm ? GMT (+9:30)
    thanks for reading :smiley: sorry about the aimbotting thing.

At least he was honest from the start, it saves time and energy for the admin that banned him, but why did you use an aimbot in the first place? Seems dumb. (No offense :P)

Because i’m dumb ;D

i give it to you for being honest but you already ruined the game for yourself and everyone else by cheating so what difference does being banned make?

sigh yeah ok then i’ll stay banned.:-\

i think your honesty deserves you another chance i just don’t understand why you would want to ruin everything in the first place. anyway whoever banned you can decide if you should be unbanned or not.

Meh i wanted to beat a friend that was like the best at aos and then i got carried away :l.

I banned you.

Thanks for being honest, but I’m pretty adamant about aimbots.
I didn’t GBL you, though. You can probably play on other servers in the official play page.

Don’t do dumb things again.

It’s nice to see someone honest about their aimbotting.

But i cant play any Aloha servers D:

Holy shit, forgive my language, but I give you TONS OF PROPS for being honest! But a tip NEVER AIMBOT ON ALOHA SERVERS, Trust me, these are well protected servers, except for intel rpg :/… I wish it was… but well GL on getting your rep back.