Goodbye ace of spades D:

i cant play AOS anymore because all the servers in the world banned me and im sad so sad i cant play AOS anymore :frowning:
so yeah i cant play anymore AOS in my life i wish i can just be unbanned for once and ill never will :frowning:
well no more AOS for ME for LIFE :frowning: just please unbanned me so i can play AOS again

i believed you have already been informed this but we have absolutely no power over a global ban. you have to go to #aos.gbl and appeal your ban there. if they do not appeal your GBL there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to play AoS and complaining elsewhere WILL NOT change anything.

Whos this? I have never seen him before.

i cant apeal again guys someone named danke said do not send another apeal again so sorry

and danke is piss at me for doing 2 apeals

Please disregard my last post. If you would’ve read the previous ban appeal you made, Danke clearly stated he will not unban aimbotters. If he has perma’ed you and refused to unban you complaining elsewhere is not going to help your case.

Goodbye Ellis707gamer, have a great rest of your childhood. Maybe next game you find to play, you will take a smarter approach. When 1.0 comes out you will be able to get an account. Until then, bye! Oh, one day your gonna look back at this and say to yourself god that guy was right. What a nom wit i was.

Remember: cheaters never win-
winners never cheat.

P.S i deleted my hacks so i cant hack all of you can trust me now

you all made a big mistake now and my cousin got me banned from alot of servers not but a huge amount of them

by using my hacks but now i deleted them i dont need to hack anymore

Lol doesn’t matter… You had to be a hacking prick…

And also YOUR GLOBAL BANNED… Aloha admins can’t do crap about that! You have to go on aos.gbl(I think that’s what it is) IRC and tell them. And don’t forget the “or should i not kill hackers and use hacks” line. Thats why people hate you, all you do is talk about how your gonna hack…