Good old winter

Ah, New England…where the weather ranges from hurricanes to 2 feet of snow…which is what I’m suspected to be getting. Anyone else going to be having some fun with this storm? I know I’m ready to shovel over 1 ton of snow out of my driveway -_-

It would be nice to have snow. All I get is fog and rain.

In the past decade it maybe snowed once.

Virginia’s only getting four inches, but school is still gonna be canceled.

Ugh, NJ snow hit too early in weekend to cancel school.

If I remember correctly, yesterday it snowed for the first time this winter. So far I’m very pleased with the weather:)

It has been sunny these 3 days, but a week ago It was just rain and cold

School probably will be canceled Tuesday…possible snow of 20 inches.

I got some hail the other day. That was probably the coldest precipitation I’ve gotten in this part of VA all year.

I’d give praise to God If I shouldn’t go to school even for a day because of the snow. Unfortunately, it hasn’t occured over the years

My school’s a shelter for a blizzard that’s hitting tomorrow so we’re closed as long as people don’t have power

No school for @ least 2 days

a little bit rainy and windy here lately but still sunny today!

hey, size really isn’t that important

izzy runs aloha to compensate

We got a pathetic snow drizzle, 20 inches indeed.

Turns out we only got a quarter inch :frowning:

24 inches

15ºC is considered cold here 8)

I think you should stop worrying and start getting to break your back during picking up snow. (Real experience)

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