Good, new, free, multiplayer games!

Tell me your favorite good, free, new, or old, indie games! Im getting a tad bored with AoS and like trying new things every now and then.

Please consider the fact I have a netbook that isnt the best for high quality games, so pinpoint the ones I can play! If you post a game that I wont be able to run, say something! Please :smiley:

Aloha is really only involved with AoS, but I kinda want to see that change. Hopefully aloha can start hosting for some other games you guys recommend :wink:

Preferabbly post FPS games. Its kinda what the community here enjoys :slight_smile:

Enough of me talking, post away!

tribes 2 (if you cant run T:Ascend which I can’t)


Zork. - not a FPS but it’s quite nice. It’s text-based, at least on the first games.

Tribes if fun, havent played Zork though. Hmmm, Ill see what everyone is up to tomorrow. Ill try to get the guys in #aloha to join me.

Its perem-deth Prepeare to rage ALOT!

Cube 2 is way better.

I play TDP4, the only thing I don’t like about it is that you can’t host your own servers.

Anyways, it is free and doesn’t require a download to play! The downside is it is 2D.

If you don’t want to register an account, you can just click play and you will play as a guest.

Stranded 2 is a great game, and it does have multiplayer, although it might be hard to get a server going. I’m not really sure how the multiplayer works, I’ve only used single player.