GIFs as your avatar?

How the heck do you put GIFs as your avatar? *hint hint izzy and TwistedBullet

I want to know too

I already have one.I think.

me too

eatler has one, too

ok whatever, whoever has one please tell me/other people who also want to know how to do it pls?

                             download w.e. gift you want or make it then upload it as avatar like your picture thats what i did

for signature you have to get a link from the internet then put the link inside [ img][ /img]

Lol, I don’t quite remember, I remember picking this avatar off of a free avatar site, downloading it then putting it in the avatar space on your forum profile.

Sry, that im not much help. :frowning:

i just explained that don’t you read?

I was typing my message when u posted that.


dat’s wat i did!
and the more answers the merrier :3
still not moving

is your current picture the gif?

yep… want the link? well here it is anyways

Lol gotta love this gif <3


Yo I honestly dont know I tried to resave it as a gif using gimp 2.6 but it still did not work when I uploaded it to my account to see if it worked but It was a fail I think the gif itself just doesnt work IDK y but it doesnt work try getting a different gif or just keep it a pic