Get unbanned after 4 years ?

I’ll be quick to not waste your time (and sorry for bad english, I’m French)
So I started to play AoS in 2012 or 2011 don’t remember, I was a kid (born in 2000) and well in 2014 I guess, I cheated lot of times because I found it funny. Of course I got banned.
Today, I’m back on the game, because I got a new computer so I can play openspades, it’s really fun.
But, I still can’t play on aloha servers.

I know, I desserved it, because I cheated, though I grewed up and now I’m 18, I know this is a dying game, and hacking and cheating will just kill it faster, this is my childhood, I won’t hack anymore, I’m just playing it fairly.
All I want is to be able to play on aloha servers, I swear I won’t cheat anymore, I mean, it was a long time ago, I don’t want to cheat anymore, BUT I want to play on others maps that Hallways and to do it I have to play on your servers.

I hope it is understandable for you guys


Try joining the servers without using proxy/vpn and it will let you play.

I’m banned


Turns out that I am the one that banned you in June 2018.

Please make a new thread in ban appeals.

Please follow this format for the appeal:



Wtf I didn’t play this game for… years :confused:
Well okay, thanks for your answer I will do it

Moved to appeal section.