get a trusted password

trusted players are those who we feel should be protected from votekicks. to become a trusted player, you must be observed contributing positively on our servers over time. if an active admin witnesses your good behavior and is willing to vouch for you, you will receive a private message here with a unique password.

to request a trusted password, please reply here to answer these questions:

[ol]- why do you want a trusted password?

  • which aloha server do you play on most often?
  • what’s your most common in-game name?[/ol]

this doesn’t guarantee a password and you won’t be notified if you don’t get one.

to login as a trusted player, type: /login [password]

please don’t give your password to anyone. if you think someone knows your password, reply here immediately to get it changed.

can you get pyspades back up again soon as possible, when it gets updated. Also can i get trusted user back? reason is foghack no longer works… normal player again…

if you dont believe me i can obviously record myself killing, nothing just a rifle or Smg

Dear izzy can you Copy Your Config From Pyspades On mediafire so i can download it Because Mine Server CLose If i Started Him


try to run it with the default config, if it still closes it’s not a config problem

Can I please be observed because I ask all Admins and they don’t so I really want to become a trusted player. Could you help Izzy some how? :wink:

we should probably have some kind of trusted application process as well so we know who to keep an extra eye on

in the meantime this can be your application so i’ll be on the lookout for you :slight_smile:

Thx, I saw you in the IRC channel for Aloha the other day. LOL kidding for me it was today! Least some of us listen to each other! :slight_smile:

There isn’t a application system yet, so here’s my application:

I’m Froelich131, or Froe rather, and I would appreciate it greatly if I was a trusted member. I’m very tired of people kicking me, simply because I am very good. (Not joking, people have attempted to kick me for being too good, or for aimbotting, or being ‘gay’, a ‘nigger’, ect.)

Although I have never been fully kicked for those reasons, I have come within 1 vote.

Again, yes I have been votekicked for being too good.

i would like to become a trusted member too so can you get an admin to watch me in-game? i dont normally start fights or arguments unless they something bad about me or my friends. I get kicked a lot too sometimes for aimbot or being ‘gay’ when i dont actually use aimbot. I dont think that i am extremely good, just above average players. So i dont leike getting kicked when ive got a good number of kills. in-game name=DUHsoALEX

Hi Izzy,
I’m Sean or legosean9, can you please make me a trusted player on your aloha servers? I think that aloha RICTF 24/7 hallway is the best server…but i am always getting kicked, people think i’m hacking. I’m just really good at the game. Please make me a trusted player.

P.S My username: legosean9

passwords updated! Snipedude, DUHsoALEX, and legosean9, check your private messages

oh ok so all of us got it, thanks izzy

when he made you trusted it was only temporary, check your private messages here for your personal password you can use anytime to login as trusted

Nanners which aloha servers do you usually play on?

I would like to get a trusted password because they try to kick me/annoy me for Killing them when there Griefing and i just kill them cause there griefing and they kick me for ‘‘being to good’’ and now its SOOOO annoying so thats why I am applying my Ingame Name is Katen{TITANS}

My passwords don’t work anymore expect on the Hallway server. Did you change them?

Hi, I’m BigHarp, and I was hoping to get a trusted password because I love playing on Aloha forums and I hate being kicked off for reasons such as “ur gay.” (This happened to me tonight, actually.) I now almost exclusively play on Aloha Tower of Babel now, though I will occasionally do other Babel maps - Babel has made Ace of Spades way cooler than anything else out there.

BigHarp (Will)

Why do you want a trusted password?

I would like a trusted password so I can’t be kicked by random players. Occasionally, I get a VK started for “aimbotting” and when I tell people on Babel not to block the stairs or to return the intel instead, they start trolling me, etc.

Which aloha server do you play on most often?

I usually play on the Tower of Babel servers (one of my favourite game modes) and sometimes the Pinpoint ones.

BigHarp and LASTofS check your private messages

I want a password because when im on there is never an admin to stop griefers or if i get kicked for no reason.

Pinpoint CTF