Garrus - Tower of Babel

At 1h 18m and forward

9/30/2020 at 10PM-ish EST


Garrus is legit. You might be seeing a little lag due to where the player is compared to our servers.

We have an abuse report section here:

Since you play openspades, there is a first person spectate client made by Doctor Dank that is similar to the program we use to spectatate people. I will update with the link!

Thanks, so I guess you can use the program you guys use to go back, spectate him and confirm my report, correct?

We can spectate some live yes but as i said garrus is legit.

You are not serious, are you? There is no lag on my end, I am on fiber. The video is clear evidence. Everyone else in the server noticed, and he continued doing it on the next map.

But, “he is legit” end of discussion?

Is that why he claimed I was just going to embarrass myself by reporting him?

no wonder →
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But that’s OK man, I am not upset. If that’s the way you guys do things here, well that’s what it is. It frees me from having to record every time I play since there is no point

I watched the video. There are no aimbot snaps, there is recoil, doesnt seem to have esp (would need Dank’s client).

Never said the lag was on your end. Garrus may be the one with the lag. I have no motivation to let hackers play nor do any of the staff. I promise he isnt hacking and he is just a really good player. We do have a thread showing videos of hackers if you want to see what a hacker looks like.

I dont think you embarrassed yourself by reporting someone you thought was cheating but sometimes legit players get reported. I reported some legit players before I became staff. It happens. No worries just move on.