GamingFTW's Ban appeal!

Okay it seems I was banned from the aloha servers, I don’t know what happend, Would someone please unban me, I am very sorry of what I did, if I did anything I am not sure what I did.


  1. Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name)

#3) Server you were playing on. Aloha Last Team standing

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful) I might have been votekicked

#5) Reason why you should be appealed. Well I am a good player, not to brag, but better than an average player. I know that won’t do me too good, second I love the aloha servers, They are the best now ever since goon haven went down. 3 I always love to talk to the admins. Thats about it.

#6) Date and time (approx) Hmm about 5 days ago from editing this

Gaming, look at the guidlines on filling out a appeal your telling us nothing other than your banned. check out ban appeal template

–Made this thread.
–Being banned.

The irony.

Doubly ironic: apparently I banned you.

You are also apparently playing under ({RS}lexaeus9992.
I witnessed you griefing firsthand (I recall you taking out some vital supporting structures of an overhead platform).
I either issued a 5-day ban or a 7-day ban, not sure which.

Just sit it out, and don’t do it next time…

Oh sorry I just made this thread in a hurry. Very sorry editing it now

Reki, I don’t know what you are talking about lol, Lexaeus999274 is my bro, He joined {RS}, then his name was too big so he changed his name is {RS}Lexaeus992
And the last time I was on the aloha server was when I was being votekicked for everyone hates me I think. Thats about it. But I will wait it out.

Then why didn’t you say your “brother” plays AoS in the first place…

I didn’t think that would be liable thing to add, because some people already knew lex, but maybe not a whole lot.

I recall playing with your brother, a long time ago back when I first became a guard. You were on at the time too, both talking/doing stuff. So not just multiple logins.

Rather unfortunate. However, as I’m unable to punish just your brother since you both share the same internet connection, I’m afraid you would just have to sit it out…

And if you’re pissed about this, tell him about it.

Unfortunately, in every case where two people share one ip-address, if one person gets banned, the other does get banned as well. There’s not much we can do there.

Its fine, I’m not that pissed at all, I have been having fun playing dungeon Defenders lol. But my brother might be pissed.

Let him then lol, It always helps to focus you after a ban.

And guess what, he completely deserved it. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you think the point of a ban is? Hmmm.

Being pissed is NOT the point.
The point is shame/reflection.

another reason why you get banned is because you possible did something bad, and you are being PUNISHED! PUNISHED!!! ALL MUST BE PUNISHED AN BURN BURN EVERYTHING YES!!!

It is always the little brother ::slight_smile:

yo it was my big bro! Second my brother has OCD, he said that he was trying to even it lol. That’s what he said.