Friend System on BnS?

To end on a more positive note, Build And Shoot is being built per the suggestions by the community as the focus is on improving the game experience without modifying the client. Objectives planned and already reached were to create an independent community, master server and game server. With that out of the way, the Build And Shoot team are working on “Ace Servers” which come with added functionality and protection. In the near future they’ll be releasing versions which contain better ways to interact with friends with a “friend system”, have new game modes and in-game functionality, and they’ll of course be continuing to host their official and user-driven events that made Ace of Spades so popular in the first place. They do all this while being aware of intellectual property rights and are trying their best to respect them.
This is a paragraph from the Indie Statik article on BnS. It says that there will be a version with a friend system. If this is true, I can't wait! It also talks about new gamemodes and in-game funcionality. What do you guys think?

Link to article:

The first new game mode is already being hosted on the server “Danhezee Test Stuffz” for version .75 and .76! The server name is going to be changed very soon to “Deucecraft Variety Server” so be on the look out for it.
The brand-new game mode is called “Push”, both teams spawn with their enemies intel and the control points will be located on the opposite side of the map. There are a few key difficulties you have to overcome, one being the deadly water. The second being the gaps between the chain of islands from where you spawn and where the control point is. These two problems mean that your going to have to find various ways to get over to the control point without running threw the water, use your imagination to create! But be aware that your enemies can see you at all times and they will harass you till the end.