Friend banned

)Hi, I was wondering if you could please unbann my friend, His in game name is Bone LX or Bone XL (can’t remember).
I am asking this because his brother was playing at the time and had got hacks and got him banned from the servers and now he is very annoyed…
His brother has deleted the hacks and will never hack again.
Sincerely lazou

Should be moved to either the entire AoS forum, or the “Ban Appeals” sub-section.

P.S.: Why can’t your “friend” make a ban appeal for himself?

Hey lazou,

Tell your friend to visit our website and visit the ban appeals section of the forums.
He should fill out the template in its entirety.
If your friend is so passive as to not even attempt to appeal his own ban, I don’t see any reason why he should be unbanned.

And just a forewarning: “little brother” excuses (or reason) pretty much never earn an unban.

I was at his house when his brother was on. And the reason I made the appeal is because he is on holiday and he asked me to do it while he was gone

your story is ridiculous

Notice he made his own ban appeal a day after he made this.

On a hunch, I think this is about you.