free up atrain

so i heard from a bird that atrain is now banned on forums because he stated his opinion about an admin’s ban…
come on guys is this really what aloha has come to?? he is a long time and respected player and he is not allowed to simply state his opinion when someone got banned (he had a point too)??
unban pls

his original post:

Example of incompetence ;)

his second post, after the first was deleted:

Example of incompetence ;)

his third post, after the second was deleted:

Example of incompetence ;)

my pm to him:

hi! read this before you post again, thanks

his reply:


his next post in the thread i had already deleted posts from:


i don’t think a week-long forum ban is unjustified


I won't be dishing out punishment, but expect your posts to be deleted if they're in our way.

hardly a warning for a ban

i’m not wasting my time deleting a child’s “savage :D” posts over and over. over the past few weeks i’ve seen him say nothing other than variations of “aloha sucks” on the forum, in the game and on irc. he’s contributing nothing of value and honestly it just looks like he’s deliberately trying to bait responses to derail threads.

i don’t see why he needs to be able to post if that’s all he’s going to do… and if his first reaction is

26|04:54:21 < babel_aloha> i'm spamming the irc later
rather than "hey, maybe this is a waste of time" then i don't see why i should reconsider

also on ss13’s post, atrain stated that the ban was unjust because the bridges are neutral territory and so breaking them is not griefing. why did that get deleted? it is neither a “snarky comment” nor a “2 cents”, but rather a perfectly reasonable point concerning the validity of the ban. i would consider it “something important to add to the discussion”

i dont see how addressing staff incompetence is “nothing of value”

Click for details

Claiming that being racist is okay because others do it and then saying the guard is incompetent and nothing more qualifies as nothing of value. That adds nothing to the appeal.

the post was deleted because the other two posts he had made in two other threads were literally just “lol incompetence”, which yeah, doesn’t add anything of value. that’s not addressing anything (at least not constructively), it’s just slinging shit and hoping for a reaction. the one you’re talking about started with “Aloha staff is meh now a days, perfect example.” so i deleted it too, but you have a point when it comes to the second part of the post so i’ve restored it

Pls call me The Cook not ss13 :slight_smile:

That’s literally your nickname on the boards retard :slight_smile:

I said ‘please call me that’. I’m just asking.
No need to put your little finger everywhere where it’s not needed .