So I have been playing AoS for nigh on a year. I have been a guard for nigh on 6 months and I have been wondering this past few days.

Who was the original founder of

I looked in the “who are we” section of the forums and only found out that it was a “Hawaii-grown gamer whose gaming addiction began in 1986.”

I am actually intrigued on who actually founded

Izzy is the master and from what I kind of remember I believe Yourself was part of the founding fathers.

“You know about the guy who invented it? I hear all kinds of things. Supposedly, he was born in a mental institution. They say he only sleeps one hour a night.”

“No one’s ever seen him. No one knows what he looks like. He has facial reconstructive surgery every three years.”

I heard he eats a baby for breakfast every day. And in the weekends even two.

Hmmm, interesting.

izzy. that be the fact