Forum Changes

The forum has recently undergone a lot of changes and I think that there should be a highlighted post explaining all of them.

Things that I have noticed are Likes, Karma and default profile pictures that start with the first letter of a users’ name.

It would be nice to be able to see the full changelog and understand some of the new features. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I understand Karma now, you click on the little ‘yay’ under someone’s ‘Karma: #’ thingy under their name on the side and then they get Karma. It’s basically a ‘like’, but different. Feel free to try it on me! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Inb4 tsb karma shows up

Oh, that’s pretty neat.

Okay so it was now changed to ‘+1’ under the person’s name.

Oh, and now it is called ‘brownie points’.

It’s being changed as I write this post! Haha!

[fa]hand-o-up[/fa] can't get away with nothing around here

just testing though, no promises that any of it will stay or go… but why not if it's mostly liked [fa=spin]question[/fa] 8)

also, as you can see [fa]font-awesome[/fa] Font Awesome icons are now usable, e.g.:

[fa]<icon name>[/fa]
In example: for the icon with the name fa-trophy, use [fa]trophy[/fa]

The tag accepts "spin", "pulse", "rotate-90", "rotate-180", "rotate-270", "flip-horizontal", "flip-vertical" and "fw" as parameter.
Example: [fa=spin]spinner[/fa]

full list of icon names available at Font Awesome


[fa=rotate-90]star[/fa] THIS [fa=spin]star[/fa] IS [fa=pulse]star[/fa] AMAZING [fa=rotate-180]star[/fa]

Pretty cool, Izzy! Thanks a lot for adding it!

Stradivarius had a good idea:

07:09:33 <+Stradivarius> i would put "give a pokemon"

Poké Balls instead of cookies! :smiley:

Oh, that’s pretty cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

call me “hard to please” or whatever you will, but imo, the more recent changes are all pretty bad. the likes and the karma (“poke-balls”…) make it too much like social media… "like- and “karma-whoring” galore. I also find the new default avatars pretty awful too. do you know of any social media site that doesn’t do this?

I avoid twitter, fb, tumblr and friends for a reason, y’know… :L

as izzy said, this is just a test. if you have a definitive opinion on it, speak up please!

i kind of hate it
also the arrow next to ‘give a Poke Ball’ looks like the tumblr logo

Personally, I’m fine with it, but yeah. As Muffin said, it slowly becomes a social site.

I also think the default avatars are very annoying, especially their colours. I love the ‘Like’ feature, but the Karma/Poke Balls is useless because it could trigger people to want to abuse it (take this guy who was from the AoS Steam forums, he made take accounts JUST to like his posts, and no matter how much people tried to fix it by giving him negative ‘Karma’, he would just spam himself with positive Karma). Of course that will probably not happen here, but it can be easily abused and, if someone really wanted to, could create fake accounts just to benefit them.

About the Like feature and what I said above, it would be nice if it wasn’t displayed under someone’s name on each of their posts, but on their profile at most. This will prevent people who like to abuse things because they won’t be able to show it off.

I know this is an absurd request but can make a mobile friendly version?
I know you can scroll and zoom in and out and work your way around but it would be highly appreciated to make a mobile friendly version just like how has done.

I use mobile a lot when browsing, I think it’s easy to navigate like this. BnS’s mobile version sucks in my opinion. I don’t like having to get used to 2 different layouts (computer & mobile).

Fine with the non-mobile version. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now this happened to me earlier today, couldn’t zoom in nor out and it was extremely annoying ._.

Oh. R.I.P.

isn’t that default profile pic thing ripping off of gmail/google+

It isn’t like they patented it. :stuck_out_tongue: