Hey guys, just seeing what your interests are. I’ll list mine as well. (created mode activate). So, what is your favorite;

Mmorpg: Mabinogi

Fps: Battlefield

Rpg: Kingdom Hearts

Stradegy: Chess

Sandbox: Minecraft

Favorite Game Moment: In Kingdom Hearts 2 when I finally beat the mini-boss Sephiroth, or in Minecraft when I built a giant town in a server overnight and got promoted to admin.

MMORPG: actually really hard to say, either Diablo II or J-Mabi


RPG: Ys, Xenosaga

Strategy: Touhou (hurhur)

Sandbox: obviously contrived genre. Minecraft.

Favorite Game Moment: Soloing Contra without the Konami Code.

MMORPG: PokeMMO (Nolife)

FPS: AoS or Metro 2033

RPG: Pokemon

Strategy: Not sure

Sandbox: Minecraft or Terraria :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorite Game Moment: Openin’ that first video game and playin’ for hours on edge.



RPG: Skyrim or Pokemon

Strategy: Age of Empires 2 (only when playing others) or Simcity 4.

Sandbox: Minecraft

Fav game moment: Oh goodness, I guess that moment when the game clicks with me, and I start to no-life it for hours on end.

MMORPG: There’s many but I used to be a big fan of World of Warcraft back in 2005 to 2008, before they literally ruined it.

FPS: Again, many, I’m a damn game freak, going from Half-Life Deathmatch, Counterstrike, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, AoS, jesus, the list goes on. If favorite meant by gametime, it’d be Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

RPG: I really don’t know much about this category.

Strategy: MANY. But I played Starcraft for maybe 10 years already so that’s that.

Sandbox: As like the others, nothing beats Minecraft so far in this genre.

Favorite Game Moment: When I use to play Super smash Brothers Melee with my childhood friends and ‘WTFPWN’ them every game.

MMORPG: aqw (adventure quest worlds)

FPS: i’ve played many but nowadays its AoS.

RPG: Elder Scrolls Series

STRATEGY: Red Alert 3

Sandbox: MIN3CR4FT

Favorite Game Moment: On AoS when its you vs. 5 ppl and you clutch it on Arena. :smiley:

Mmorpg: 2006Scape

Fps: Half-Life 2 Series

Rpg: Secret of the Magic Crystal

Stradegy: Dungeon Defenders

Sandbox: Terraria FOR THE WIN, Better than minecraft for sure

Favorite Game Moment: Rushing on arena getting 6 killstreak in under 30 seconds all headshots and filling the kill-feed.

Fps: AoS

Rpg: No clue :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t really play them.

Strategy: Plants vs. Zombies (BRAINZZZZ)

Sandbox: Minecraft

We should also add a Music/Rhythm genre.

Mine would be either StepMania or Audiosurf.

MMORPG: Last Chaos GN1 or RotMG

FPS: Ace of Spades

RPG: Final Fantasy 12

STRATEGY: Knights of Honor

Sandbox: Minecraft

Favorite Game Moment: When people use teamplay to win on a CTF game (AoS)


FPS: Ace of Spades and Borderlands

RPG: Dungeon quest 3


Sandbox: Minecraft

Favorite Game Moment: When you get your first skag kill in borderlands