Favorite video game

Which is your favorite video game?
As some of you may know my favorite video game is journey, it is just, amazing

Favorite game? 4 tied for first
Battlefield 3, The Last Stand: Dead Zone, Halo 4 and Ace of Spades

AoS and Minecraft.

Mine too and starcraft 2

Minecraft, Aos, Runescape (I know someone’s gonna hate), SSBB, and don’t forget classic pokemon!

Haters gonna hate.
I from time to time play Rs, but not too much.

Starcraft 2, Battlefield 3

Doss, we can tell you play RS. That siggy pic is outta runescape, isn’t it?

Yup, both of them are from Rs

Knew it.

I want to fite starcrafters

Skyrim was the best game in my opinion. i invested over 75 hours into that game in the first week lol

Still playing Final Fantasy VII and it’s spin-off games