Favorite Music

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Anyways, I could only answer the genre category since I have a lot of favorite artists and songs :stuck_out_tongue: A lot of you are going to hate me for this, but I like pop and rap.

reggae all the way

Genre-Rap and Pop

Artist-Flo Rida

Song-Whistle,Wild ones and Good feeling.

Genre: various
Artist: various
Song: various

^Lol easiest answer Ever!!!



Song-You Don’t Know, Not Afraid

I could be spamming artists and song at you guys, but chose not to. =D

Genre: Metal, Industrial, “Electronic”

Artist: Theatre of Tragedy, Rammstein, Abney Park, Machinae Supremacy

Song: …

Genre: a wide range from country to blues and from jazz to easy listening, but my main favourite is neo psychedelia

Artist: can’t choose between The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Radiohead

Song: Exit Music (for a film) by Radiohead



Genre:Rock I Think
Artist:Sting and The Police
Song:Message in a Bottle

Genre:Pop and Rap
Artist:Abra (He’s an artist from my country)

I like anything really, but my favorite band is 311. I think it’s like pop-rock and reggae.

Taylor Swift is good for when playing AOS.
This other band called Brand New is one of my favs too.

Tenacious D has hilarious and great music.

The Hippos, and Reel Big Fish too.

Sic Transit Gloria 8)


my favourite band has got to be coldplay. i love pretty much every song by them. i also occasionally listen to dubstep, skrillex in particular (plz no h8).

don’t worry i won’t tell anyone, CD

Yes izzy! That’s among my fav songs from them!

I used to be a huge Muse fan. Still am, actually, but I switched to EDM (Eletronic Dance Music).
I love House, dubstep, drumstep, Electro, etc.
Anything that’s electronic, really.
If I had to name an artist, it would probably be David Guetta, “She Wolf” is such a fucking awesome song.