Favorite historical empire?

I’m a history buff, so this kind of stuff is my life. So I want to know from the entirety of this active forum who you all think the coolest empire to ever come about was. For me, I would have to say the Empire of Alexander the Great. So basically, the last time Macedonia was extremely relevant. Make sure to post a picture, just because.


I personally think that the Russian Empire is my favourite. It had great culture, huge territories, great emperors (especially Peter the Great, Catherine the Second, Alexanders from First to Third) and although it entered its long and painful downfall (especially under Nicholas the Second rule), I think it had a great run.

Here’s the territories the Russian Empire had at its peak:

One of the most interesting “empires” I saw was China during the Qin Dynasty. Even if it’s rule was short, the first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, had a HUGE tomb, which was well preserved. They had a weird way of government which was legalism and were one of the first to unify China. They were also one of the first to build the Great Walls of China.

Territory of Qin Dynasty:

Mexico 1821


spanish empire
had us for 333 years
helped us battle some other country before leaving
now we had to deal with the americans
and our selves
now we had to deal with the japanese
with the americans