Favorite gun poll?

Which gun do you use the most?

I’d say I like rifle for now. When 0.76 comes out, I don’t know because they made the rifle a lot worse.

after a while you kinda get used to the new 0.76 rifle. it’s a lot different from the old one but it’s still okay. i think Ben’s screwing around with the fonts in 0.76 as each one just gets progressively uglier.

I know, the rifles seems to be getting pretty bad these days but over here http://aceofspadeswiki.com/index.php/Rifle it says this
Ace of Spades Beta 0.76
Rifle accuracy has been boosted back to old values.
Rifle clip size and ammo count has been reduced.

So I don’t know quite what they mean, maybe it less accurate or completely accurate with the update.

I do find rifles to be my favorite, but the most reliable for me lately has been the SMG, and shotgun i just hate…

Rifle for life! Except in last team. But 0.76 scares me with the clip and ammo reduction.

I think the smg would be the one for me in 0.76 because the rifle got MANY disadvantages in 0.76.


Smg No-scoping and rushing like a boss.

To be honest, needing more than 5 bullets in your rifle is just a poor shot’s excuse. Come on, it’s literally a pinpoint-accurate hitscan.

Not if there are 7 people in front of you.

If there are 7 people in front of you, you have better options, like spades and grenades.
You also have more to be worrying about that the number of bullets in your rifle, such as where your team’s frontline is.

I meant at a distance. But as long as Jagex is in control, 0.76 isn’t coming out any time soon.

The best gun is the rifle if you know how to use it, my second is shotty :wink:

It’s between the rifle and the SMG because they are situational weapons, but if I was to choose it would be the rifle.

I would have to say desert eagle or AK-47 but they aren’t up there so i guess smg.

A: No-scoping in AOS is unimpressive.
B: No-scoping with an automatic weapon is unimpressive.