Father here

Ok, fag named Darion banned me, he not give me the reason. Last chance to unban me, or it will be war, i warned.

well, here we are a week later.
first of all, I did specified the reason, it pretty clear here:

you where banned for toxicity towards other players, and your attitude here just follows that line, so I'll keep this shot since you seem not to care about the apeal.

this appeal is denied, you can reapeal in a week starting from today

and I’ll keep this short, this isn’t your first time here, I’ve banned you before for the same reason, and looking it this, you stil seem not to care about it.

I’ll see you in a week from this new apeal. so you have more time to think about your actions and make a proper appeal. Showing you want to play the game as intended instead of annoying the playerbase and treating all this as a joke.

We care about our players, we care about our rules and systems, at least respect that

see you in a week, it will be your last chance to reapeal. -DarioN

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