Entire base brought down

I guess the team wanted to see what would happen if they shoveled the walls of the entire base. I caught it all on video. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tai/Titanium/Torch and the [REV] clan for pulling that off. Awesome. :smiley:

happens 80% of the time on tradeoff

Blues great rekt of 2016 was the best (Thanks to the bastards of aloha)

I, Bastard 1-2, want to point out that it takes a lot of time to dig that.

Beautiful capture. Excellent videography work! :slight_smile:

never happens when i play on that map
looks like a lot of work though
also tnx twodayudie now i know all of the bastards

oh, there is WAAAAY more bastards :wink: about 8. Sadly some aren’t active a lot :confused:

less edgy 9/11

Good memories with the meme squad.