Encourage people to play new modes

We honestly need to encourage all the players to play on new modes. That will help people get used to new modes, fix bugs, balance things, and have some fun. We should have like an event or some other events to encourage the players to play the new modes. I personally find Last Stand mode interesting, but there are some major bugs to fix.

Aye, but talking about it is easy. Actually getting the players to play them would be hard.

They are ignorant of new game modes and most likely don’t try them out because there are almost never a good host of people playing them.

They would rather stay on the servers they know and love.

Good idea though about the event thing.

I think that we should be hosting event every new mode comes out and not just add 10 new modes in a week so people won’t get overwhelmed.

I ABSOLUTELY agree with this post!
It really annoys me when I want to play some gamemode other than the typical five that have people playing but I don’t because it’s boring to play with two other people.

I realize that it would be difficult to encourage people to play new gamemodes, but I agree that events are probably the best way to go… THANK YOU ANONYMOUS!

IGN: LShax

Only if aloha.pk admins or mods posted their opinions. Also, aloha.pk last stand is bugged. Can’t even play.

Yes aloha.pk last stand is not working correctly. I have played it before, and it was fun. It would be awesome if it were to be fixed.

I really think it could be done events for players to feel more familiar on new modes. I think most of us plays always on the same modes mainly because we know better .

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