Emotion puller




oh i remember that one, so beautiful <3


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNQILfraSrw :’(

Why do all Asian insurence commercials have to be so emotion-pulling.


uh oh, idk if i should watch this. i have a feeling i’'m gonna cry

Nah, you obviously won’t (unless you watched it already, that is).

ohhhhh man the feels. Glad i didn’t cry to that one , but mannn that’s gorgeous

I didn’t cry to any of them, but yeah, the feels are strong.

These are not videos, but games, that I think are emotion-pulling.

Spec Ops: The Line. A game that seems to be a generic straight-forward shooter about good old America justice, but later turns out to be a horrifying experience about the horrors of war, losing the line between reality and hallucination, that will make you feel like a horrible person. Check it out, it’s great.

Hotline Miami 2. A game with amazing soundtrack, a good story, engaging gameplay and a pretty sad ending. It’s beautiful, check it out.

Ever seen filipino commercials?theyre mostly kathniel, optmistic shit, cancer, and still use non-wrinkled jollibee burgers.