Editing RAWs, yay or nay?

When reading guides or watching videos on taking photo’s it always comes up and is recommended; shoot RAW pictures and edit them yourself. Now I’ve been trying… but I’m very bad. I hate the colors I create and like the ones the camera makes much more. I also can’t seem to find the balance between sharpness and de noising, making me go with no de noising and no sharpening.

Here’s what I mean:

This is my edited RAW. I like the lens edges, although most people would probably edit them out. The colors however are very saturated. That’s because I try to recreate the colors from my camera but don’t seem to be able to.

This is the JPEG my camera made. The borders are cropped to hide the lens edges(automatically). I especially like the grass colors more in this pic. When you zoom in there should be softer textures then in my edited picture, as the camera does pretty heavy de-noising.

So for you, editing yay or nay?

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The highlights are really blown out. What were your specs? (ISO, F Stop, Shutter speed)

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Yeah couldnt do much about it as the sun was peaking over the horizon on the right. The red dots in the picture means my sensor is catching a very bright light directly into it. 80, 5.6, no clue but probably fast.

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