DVYS Moder and his bad (for not saying other thing) admin practices

Hi, my name is Delta ( [Demon$] Zerko ingame) and i want to report the abuse of this admin called MoDeR

Well, the thing is that while i was playing i covered a ground tunnel and when i heard that there was someone digging there i said “a red niqqa trying to dig”
he inmediatly said to me “why do u say that, do u know what does that means?” i told him “do you think im a 2 year old” he said “yes” then i wanted to tell him something but he muted me and said “poor 2 year old guy”, i entered again the server but he muted me again, tried one more time using other client and name but when i entered he left and i said “trolled moder idiot” he joined again and said “very funny” and then he banned me.

what i try to say? well, there are millions of hackers, abusers, doxxers, grieffers and totally toxic people every day in the game (for example one motherfucker called Sosoman that did cross teamins to block our stairs to let the other team win, there were like 2 admins and no one did anything) and even people that say words even bad than what i said, then why, FUCKING WHY u had to choose some random guy that said 1 freaking word without even insulting the person? it was just a joke, i wanted to talk with him but he spitted his admin powers in my face and made fun of me.

please take this appeal and decide to unban me and talk a little with that guy “MoDeR”…

Yours truly: Cytrikkal (Zerko)

Primero que nada, aqui no se hacen los ban appeal, se realizan aqui:

Segundo, mejor decí la verdad de lo que paso, ya que como dijiste, soy administrador, y tengo acceso a los chats y puedo copiar y pegar nuestra conversacion, así que no te conviene mentir, un saludo y espero tu appeal :wink:

En ningun momento menti, dije todo lo que paso como en verdad paso, lo unico es que el orden de unas pocas palabras es un poco diferente ya que mi traduccion de español/ingles no es buena. Igual ahi puedes ver un poco de lo que dije, ya 2 personas riendose de mi reporte