dont just discard me like that! ANSWER IF YOUR A MAN!

So, i saw you tried to just lock and leave it at that, well i beg a differ. FIRST OFF the ddos programs you saw on his site were for LEGO MINDSTORMS LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL… ans SECOND OFF, in the case of technotim playing on my Ip, all you hear from aloha is, “we believe in second chances.” THATS SOOOOOO FAKE! ALOHA=NAZI GERMANY ADMINS=GASTAPO. so give him a second chance, do whatever with me, just keep your word or I’ll spread the word about you being liars, then we’ll see who has all the players.

-excuse my english i’m southern!

p.s. why did you guys never reply to me…scared? scared of the big bad nice person?


All4one, go to hell. And stay there. How dare you call fair people Nazi’s. My Stepmothers grandfather was in a concentration camp. I’m catholic, but the offence stated still cuts deep.

Why reply when you already left?

Did I get cancer?

I wonder if this is going to turn out like the Kayyla’s ban appeal.

so random

You are a faggot All4one.You deserve to be banned forever(echo)ever(echo)ever.Also one thing you’re gay.

if you’re trying to get back into aloha you aren’t helping yourself…

aloha is not connected to anything and is ran independently and therefore can do almost anything they want…

they could stop service to entire countries if they choose to…

have fun else where…

well your religion is false so if you dont come to your senses your going instead of me.

im not trying to get unbanned, im just going out with a bang.

because i dont want to look like a ragequit.

and i simply dont feel like talking to stupid people like them either.

you know i wanted to be banned forever so Me and my friend (technotim) could both be banned, and in the gay case, usually the one who calls one is the real one.

Don’t post another thread.

Let’s have some fun.

  1. Can you even read? Apparently you can’t, so here’s some reading for you! PXYC says the website contains DDOS programs and hacks for Ace of Spades. Do you know what the word “and” means? You guessed it! TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!

For your convenience, here’s a picture!

It’s obviously a DDOS Program for Lego Mindstorms. Except, instead of being a DDOS Program, it’s actually an aimbot. And instead of for Lego Mindstorms, it’s for Ace of Spades.

Problem with technotim is that he was a trusted member. By hacking, he has completely destroyed that trust to the point where we won’t even be considering second chances.
Now, if your friend (technotim) screwed you over by playing at your house, that’s an issue you two need to work out together. Maybe you can knock some sense into him, apologize on his behalf, and we can go from there.

We didn’t want to give you too much of an ass-whipping. Guess you’re an masochist though…

I quite literally do not see what sort of response is needed.
You wrote us a farewell letter, but here’s a response I guess:

Dear All4one,

Thank you for wishing us well! Thank you for informing us about your plan to act like an idiot with your friend! Thank you for telling us your friend wanted to play so much he somehow got you to hack with him! Thank you for telling us that he violated another rule by sharing the password! Thank you for spamming our site while whining about receiving spam! Thank you for the farewell, may you have fun in every other server besides aloha and minit!

Sincerely, Aloha staff.

Please stop, you’re offending southerners.