Doctor Dank signed my Sniper!

Yesterday i was playing on CS_Maps under the name of Collide. The man, the legend himself, connected to the server. Yes, i’m talking about the one and Only Doctor Dank! After Spamming a couple time that i wanted an autograph on my awp, Dank finaly gave it to me !!! :smiley:

After a bit of moding on my weapon, i finaly have been able to put it on my Sniper! :smiley:

It Looks awesome! Thank you Dank for caring about your fans!


Haha, that’s cool! DD is very nice for doing that. :slight_smile:

God bless the Double-D.
Wish I could give autographs to people.

you could mmmmh… sign my spade?

That’s a great idea, but eh, guess it’s time to become famous and recognizable.

what’s gonna be your signature?

Probably something fox-related and such.
I’ll think about it.

That could work. ^

He’s a great chap.

Yes, Dank is a good chap.

@QuickBrownFox: Is it just me… or do you feel claustrophobic from this post?

Screenshot from 2016-07-30 15:12:08.png

How so?
It’s just letters between two rectangles.

whysit that your l115 is pink

Because the pink camoflauge is actually a hidden in-game bonus that makes you deal 25% more damage from rifles.