Disney Star Wars

How much do you think they’re going to screw it up? Or do you think they’ll do a good job or maybe even, gasp, make it better?


one thing that caught my eye was that new lightsaber. First thought was starwars meets dark ages/medieval swords.

So far it looks like it may be okay.

I only have a problem with the title. They should probably stick with the same kind of title from the rest of the movies.

The prequel trilogy set the bar so low that I can’t imagine how these could be worse. Would’ve liked to see even less CG, to be honest though.

No Yuuzhan Vong war? No Anakin Solo? Not following the comics? RUBBISH. Jk I’d need to see the movie first.

I’m not sure what the movie is gonna be like. The trailer is decent, but not great. And yes, they totally screwed up the title.