Dis PING!!

OMG dafuq is this ping that I just got!!

you sir have a 23 second delay

Doesn’t the game auto-disconnect if the delay is bigger than 18 seconds (1800 ms)?

Nope. I, myself have had a ping of 20000 on pinpoint once.

Yeah i had higher before…Dang LS Server and aloha.pk Pinpoint and possibly my connection.

Besides, 1800 ms is 1.8 seconds.

Soo around 30000~40000 is 30~40 second delay??I had around 35000 before I took this photo then after I took the photo I lagged out and couldn’t reconnect.Also what does the ms stand for?

ms is milliseconds, which is 0.001 of a second.

Just curious, do you get that ping often or from time to time?

I get that most of time I play at night.

Minecraft, all the way!!!
AoS = 1/2 or 1/3 of MC so, AoS, all the way!!!