DiRT 3: Massive lag spike WIN! :D

Have you ever had lag before? Unbareable, shitty FPS which makes it impossible to play? Like your computer just decided to take a dump on you?

Well, I don’t think you’re gonna beat this one. I’m playing DiRT 3 Outbreak Mode, enjoying myself, knowing I’m most likely gonna be tagged within the last minute. I’m at a nice, steady, comfortable 70 FPS. Then all of a sudden, LAG! I get an almost impossible 1—fr-a-m–e–pe-r----s-ec-o-nd!..!

The funniest part is, I still survived! The lag obviously was the good AND the bad part of this situation. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, here’s the video. I think it deserves a ‘Like’, because it’s got so much win AND fail in it at the same time. :3

Edit: Also, sorry for double posting. You can delete the other thread if you like. :wink:

Not sure if game lag at the start or just youtube lag.

That infact was a mix of recording lag (I was playing at about 65, 70 FPS, but my recording framerate was about half that), and compression lag (computer had to compress a total of 8.67 GB’s into a miniscule 1.4 MB).

Actually, do you mean the slowmo? Because I put that in there to just show how close it got first time round.

No idea what this game is, but that was some pretty sweet lag :slight_smile:
I also remember when I played on this minecraft server, pvp, and all the other player got dc’ed so i won xD

The game is DiRT 3. The mode I’m playing is an online ‘outbreak’ game. If you’re a green car, you’re infected and have to chase the other cars down. If you are alive, you have to escape them all. If you get tagged, you don’t ‘die’, or ‘lose’: You just become infected and have to start chasing down other ‘un-infected’ cars. The person who does the best tagging or evading (or both) will recieve the most points. :wink:

sounds interesting :wink:

I might do a let’s play if I can get time to do some more good rounds. Maybe even just a compilation video of my favourite games and include the best moments.