Dig Bick

Hello, I was wrongfully banned on one of your Arena.Aloha.Pk servers. I believe it was aloha.pk arena top 10 maps. It was around 1pm or later GMT-6 on 12/20/12.

I wasn’t warned or vote-kicked to my knowledge and can only assume I was banned for an “aimbot”. I do not have such, I was just on a good streak.

This usually happens to me quite a bit and I just find somewhere new to play, however I do play and enjoy your other servers and this ban has kept me from experiencing such.

Please release the ban so I can continue to have fun and play AoS.


Dig Bick
(p.s. sorry if my funny name is offensive to you - it makes me lol)

Hey, DigBick. I just wanted to ask… What was your IGN? It might’ve been Dig Bick, but I just wanted to know. Also, how did you know you were wrongfully banned for aimbot if there was no votekick going, or you were never warned before your ban? ??? I smell something fishy going on… Lying about an aimbot won’t get you out of anything. It just makes the overall outcome worse.


Sir, I am not lying. And yes, man IGN is Dig Bick. I recently just changed it to Sound Ninja(30mins ago), because I’ve been told it’s too offensive and I don’t want to get banned for a silly name.

The only reason I say “aimbot”, is because it’s easy to assume someone of hacking when they are performing better than yourself. I had just joined the game, and was doing very successful in my first 5-10mins, and then I was “kicked” and when I tried to re-join it said I was “banned”.

It was a sudden disconnect from the game, I can’t remember if it was mid round or after a round while we waited in the pen.

I’ll once again say I was wrongfully banned, imho, because I was not hacking, and I do not use a third-party software or have modded textures or anything that would give an unfair advantage over anyone else.

Don’t see your name on the banlist. You sure you weren’t votekicked? Try playing.

And there’s nothing wrong with the name “Dig Bick”…?

Dig bick swap the d with a b and it comes out as 'Big Dick’I think thats why he thought it was innappropiate.But yeah,Dig Bick has nothing wrong with its name.

It was a votekick and as mr Bick already found out he’s able to play again.

Next time wait 30 minutes please.