Did all4one go out with a bang? xD

I don’t think he achieved much, myself.

here’s the link http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=2185.0

Haha I agree. Though it is quite offensive to compare Aloha, a good community, to Nazi Germany and bash my religion. Anyways, it’s common sense for Aloha not to give a second chance to technotim because he was a trusted player and abused the trust Aloha gave him by hacking, which he doesn’t deserve a second chance.
EDIT: I realize that he wants to make it look like he doesn’t care, but deep inside, he probably does and that’s why he made that thread.

If by “bang” you mean us banging him, sure?


I felt that since he implied that was his objective from the start i’d make this poll.

I just wanted to see who believed that he accomplished this or did he make an utter fool of himself.

Anyway, im going to get off for the night, good night fellow Ace of Spades Lovers.

Agreed, I am surprised he got this worked up over what was a very justified ban.

And by getting him out of a ban, we mean that he is getting an even longer one. He is going to be banned 3 big bangs from now.

Be honest who was the one who voted for the first choice?

I said he’s gay with Technoism.

. u think hes gay?

I asked Seal ingame and he says it wasn’t him. It probably was All4one.

Yeah it has to be All4one

I think he was b& from the forums.

I voted choice 1 ironically.

What a twonk.

He must have said something to you off forums cus he thoroughly got his ass handed to him in that thread.



well well well…I see my little nazis are gossiping like church ladies here.i read every post. and I actually could care less about getting banned, I got other games. and when it comes to you guys saying im immature, go look in a mirror. and in the case of being an idiot, go look in the mirror again. so this has really just turned into the pot calling the kettle black. there you go gossipers, you cant hide from me.

-A proud nazi(aloha) hater 8)

thats the nicest compliment anyones ever paid me! thank you! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

who is this technoism?? ive never heard of such a object???

-a proud nazi(aloha) hater 8)

no we all think your gay