Well… I’ve got quite sad for now, because my parents are divorcing, I could move to Saint-Petersburg and that will make me lose my friends, Wi-Fi connection is terrible, almost ran out of money, parents are beginning to swear on me, saying that I’m nothing… and that’s true :c, midlife crisis, grades are falling down from A’s to C’s, my friends started to lose interest with me…
It’s hard to be happy with all of that. I’m trying, but I just can’t.

Your parents aren’t divorcing because of you, their problems are theirs alone and you should focus your energies into school it might help serve as a distraction from your home life. It’s not your fault this is happening.

Break free from the distractions your parents try to throw out you. You are an individual and are not subject to being responsible for their emotional outbursts. seek out your friends for outside relationships that not necessarily distract you, but provide you with a healthy direction moving forward.

Allow yourself to express your emotions about the situation, but do not let it dominate your life. Good Luck Sanic

Thanks, everyone for your support. I will try to be happy. :slight_smile:


Short poem for sonic:
Life may be bitter
and may also be salty
but things will get better
and you’ll no longer be lonely.

All you have to do,
is look into you.
See what makes u happy,
and u may meet your destiny.

Forget about your troubles,
for you will only struggle.
Don’t look in the past
because it already passed.

Only now matters
so climb life’s ladders.
Do what you must,
as long as it’s just.

We are here for you,
to guide you go through
life’s biggest challenge
and use your talents.

Ok you’re welcome :slight_smile:
Wrote it myself :slight_smile:

That was heck of a nice poem. You should write a book or something, thanks. :slight_smile:

thanks for that poem, Flerikko… it lifts my spirits too :slight_smile:

Thx and your welcome guys. Glad you liked it. Well I am currently studying about poetry in school. :smiley:

Nice poem!

Yeah, thanks.