I was in counter-strike maps.

The reason for my banning was I made false accusations ( at the time I did not know they were fake ) and sometimes I was rude with the other players.

I should be readmitted because I will improve in my behavior, that is very far from being the best explanation, but, im really trying it, what I did it was bad but I did not know it in that moment. And I will do the better thing i can. This will never happen again.(My English is not the best, i know a bit of it, but, i use translators).

I don’t know the date, and I don’t even know the hour.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Abril G “Demon”.

I have contacted your banning admin. Please do not rejoin any aloha servers during this process.


I am the admin who banned you. Thank you very much to come and spent the effort to fill out this appeal. I understood English is not your language, and I will give you another chance to play on aloha’s server again, if you promise me not to hack again and deleted all your trace. Then I will unban you. Meanwhile, please do not join any aloha’s server until this appeal is resolve.

Thank you,



I promise it, but i never used hacks:/, where did you get that ?

Uhm, When can I go back ?

Waiting for a reply soon,


I am at work now, and do not have access to my computer at home. I will give you another chance to tell the true, because if i find your ban video, and prove you hacked, then there is no more discussion.



I’ve never done that, please look for videos, I would say yes, even if it was a lie simply for order not to create a problem, but I’m telling the truth. My intention is not to create a discussion, but seriously 'm telling the truth.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your comments.


I am very quick and easy. Good news for you is my ban videos got corrupt (could not open) while it was downloading or something cause it corrupted. The bad news is I lost the evidence. I am going to unban you for now until i find the way to restore the corrupted video.

Enjoy the games.

Thank you for being patient.


Uhm, that’s ok.
I am happy cos’ I can return.

Thank you in your time, and I hope that it is solved soon.