Death Clock

This is a [shadow=red,left]Death[/shadow] Clock::slight_smile:
Put in the information and then it shows you the date you gonna die (Please note that this is probably not exactly the day your gonna die :D)
If you need help with BMI do this Calculate Your BMI - Standard BMI Calculator

Mine is Wednesday, February 5, 2076
Seconds(Just round it to nearest hundred or post pic)

So what’s your day you gonna die :wink:

MaddyBear Dies: Wednesday, February 23, 2078
AEM Dies: Already Dead…

I think you forgot something

Where is the link for this

I dont even know why i found this part “(Please note that this is probably not exactly the day your gonna die :D)” so fucking adorable.

google ‘death clock’ and click any of the first four links

Wednesday, February 23, 2078

The website already has a built-in bmi calculator…

lol ur living the second life!!

Yes, i have desirable weight

I will live past 2070.

Saturday, 27th October 2085

That’s a lie, why would you live more than me? >:(

I won’t die, I am a god :stuck_out_tongue:


Greek’s gods have died, lol.

Zeus smites Gabrui with a lightning bolt

* Monstarules shoots Gabrui with his 1100

Gabrui didn’t feel anything.

My death clock was 2 fast it said i die when im 50 around :frowning:
maybe cause my BMI is not that balanced low weight :-\

Not a balanced BMI? xD I think it doesn’t take that in consideration. I have put >=45 and it still displayed the same as <=24. :stuck_out_tongue: