darkgaming - banned

  1. Reason for ban? (Please Be truthful)
    Ok look, iam not going to be like those (please excuse me) douches and play innocent. I did actually get rid of my hacks but when i realized i still had them in my email. well you know.

  2. Why should you be unbanned?
    I dont think i should be. i clearly cannot control myself when i get the opportunity.

    :confused: i am sorry though that i was being such a (please excuse me again) little sh*t and playing unfairly taking the fun out of the game.

Techno: As much as your opinion is valued, your comment would have been better suited as a PM directly to Eddy. We just don’t want this appeal to become an “everyone put their opinions about darkgaming” thread. Hope you understand.

darkgaming: I’ve contacted Eddy letting him know that you’ve created this appeal. Again, don’t join the servers at this time and please be patient for an answer.

Sorry Ferrari. :frowning: Was unaware of what needed to be pm’ed and what to not. My mistake, it won’t happen again.

Darkgaming, maybe for some reason I might have unbanned you previously, but just a few hours after your ban on aloha, I saw you aimbotting on one of the Brazilian servers when I was at my friends house. This leads me to believe that you have absolutely no remorse for your actions. You will not be unbanned any time soon.

Yes, Eddy i do understand. But that is why i have posted this. And until i can get control of myself and stop acting like a little kid, i will not apply for a unban. I did not request a ban in this post. I would request that you do not think to poorly of me. And if i must (i do find it highly unlikly that until i can stop hacking though.) i will stop playing Aos. even if it is only for a little while.

Darkgaming, come back in a month with a staff member to vouch for you and then I will consider your case. Remember, do not attempt to rejoin any aloha servers during this time.

Thank you, Eddy.