Daily High Scores!

What Could Possibly Be You Highest Score For Today?

Mine Is :
IGN :[CS]PrOSkillz
ID :#0
High-Score! :10151


Any Server Is Fine!
Good Luck! :smiley:

Goon Haven [GONE WRONG] and Hallway Elevators [GONE WILD] scores will not be accepted in this post

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i had 3800000 points on babel earlier

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Really? Do You have a picture for it?

i haz no picture but on arenacs i got over 9000 headshot killz. Im so pr0

never ever
jk here it is (i remembered wrong i only had 38000 kills)

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My best ratio was 101 on Zombies, back in 2015.

My highest was like around 400 or something on a nuketown server playing to 2000 kills.