Culture trip to Rome

Hey everyone,

I’m still in Rome right now but things happened and now I’m able to post here so LET’S GO. I’m on my phone so this might become a mess. I quickly downloaded these from my camera.

First day we went to Vaticancity, absolutely beautiful.

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Second day we went all around Rome the places among these were the Colosseum:

the Roman Forum

Victor Emmanuel II Monument

Izzy is gonna need more harddrives soon, more tomorrow maybe!

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These are incredible! Thanks for sharing!

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its like in assassins creed :o

it looks absolutely beautiful

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beautiful photos thanks for sharing!

you might want to post one photo per topic so that they appear as thumbnails in the topic list.

also, they would all appear in your portfolio here:

That would be 16 topics, isn’t that spam? :blush:

not for these media categories. you could have some topics with additional photos that you don’t really want to “feature,” and your favorite photos could be single-photo topics. up to you…

Alright, Ill do more seperate topics next time!

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this category is like a collective gallery of anyone’s favorite photos

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