Culling of new players

Today I went on Hallway and unusually there were only 6 players on. Before I even had a chance to build some stairs to get to the roof, they had votekicked me!
I’m guessing the reason why there are only so little crowd was because there are teams building up where they stick together and cull all the new players. This is so unfair!!
Has this ever happened to you?? :-\

If I got a dollar for everytime i got called a hacker/votekicked i would be a trillionaire… Im not joking here is what i learned. If people don’t know you and your really good then the odds are you will get kicked for “Hacker!” “Hacking bitch!” check this out Listen people call me a hacker all the time. I was called a hacker on beta 1.0 version!!! Their isn’t even a hack for that version!!! New players are sometimes bitches…

* Reki facepalms.

GamingFTW and CrazyPug, did you even read his post?
He’s not saying that he was votekicked for skills, he was just votekicked since the 6 existing players didn’t want people joining in.

General announcement:
If anyone finds themselves a victim of the situation, immediately visit the IRC and inform us.
This isn’t allowed to happen, and I’ll personally punish whoever does it.

If they only read past the second sentence…

Is it possible to put a filter on votekicks, like only allowing “griefing” or “hacking”, and things of that nature, to pass as a votekick?

There should be a limit on how many votekicks one person gets per day…

Then people would just start making fake reasons…

People aren’t allowed to votekick twice in a row, IIRC. That means votekick abuse must be carried out across multiple players, which the proposed idea (while good) won’t solve.

I don’t think an automated system can really work here, as it’d be easy to circumvent, or worse, abused itself. The best course of action seems to be going on the IRC and finding a mod/admin ASAP.

Get Froelich131 on the IRC, he’ll always help.