CounterStrike: Global Offensive

Anyone play it here? I started CS a few months after I left and got eventually LEM (Legendary Eagle Master). My PC burnt out tho and when I got a temporary replacement for my PC I couldn’t play at my old rank. I’ve started playing for fun with friends again and I’m back to MGE (Master Guardian Elite).

Once I get my new PC if anyone’s at the appropriate rank I could consider playing competitive with ya. :slight_smile:

I guess if you play CS then, post some media! Clutches, Wallbanks, Aces, Spraydowns, I wanna see them all! c:

I’ll start:

I still find this hilarious:

And this is me playing casual in a nutshell:

Hope those hyperlinked right, lol.

No… Just no… Please
lol jk HaXXer

(Dw I hazed tu :0

Why did you make a goodbye post if you haven’t left? Then you come on here posting random characters and words that can’t be recognized as even a fragment in the English language… ?_?

Don’t you fuckin insult Chappy.

can i insult him?

I did not claim to leave, if I did my errors. Notice my activity dropped? And for the past two days haven’t gone on PC. PS big exam coming in May pl0x

Sorry, I thought “bye” meant that you were leaving. And no I didn’t notice a drop in activity tbh.

Nice CSGO discussion 8)

Please don’t leave Ace I challenged you, punk

Lol, not a single post so far is about it.

I liked the videos chappy, I haven’t gotten the game but it looks pretty fun.

whats counter strike?

awesome videos chappy…

I literally started CS:GO today. I’ve played a bit back then, but then my pc was too laggy for it. Now it’s fine I started to play competitive and it’s fun. Pm me your steam and we can play some competitive’s together. I’m in the cool-down zone, but after 4 pm GMT-5 I’ll get my rank for Comp and play.

My PC’s so dead it can’t run CounterStrike anymore, plus my rank’s way too high at the moment for me to play with anyone starting off, which is why I’ll be getting a smurf or doing something of the like once I get my new PC to play with lower levels.

What’s you rank? In 3 hours i’ll get a rank.

Legendary Eagle Master. Got to Supreme Master First Class once, but fell back pretty quickly lol.
You’ll be around Silver 3 if you’ve just started.