1. don’t remember

  2. coreveth

  3. don’t remember, probably babel, i don’t play on other servers

  4. cheating

  5. i’m not normally cheating, i hate it actually (what an irony), i’ll lose respect from a lot of players that did not know that i did this but yeah, i got triggered by someone (I think) and just started kill spam with aimbot, this was the first time I ever used hacks, and last one.

  6. This was year, half year ago i think I didn’t play aos since then, now after all that time i just started playing again, I actually forgot that i got banned on aloha or that i ever used hacks, so one of my friends told me in chat if i got unbanned and then told me to make an appeal.

I know what I did was stupid and childish, i hope you can forgive me (:

edit:// the reason I’m not banned right now and I’ve been playing for like 1 month now on aloha server is because I have dynamic IP address, sorry that I’ve been playing even tho I’m supposed to be banned ): I just hope you can forgive me guys and let me keep playing on aloha.


I have contacted your banning admin and he should get back to you shortly. I appreciate you coming clean and admitting to using cheats and I hope you realize that it makes the game unfun and unfair for both you and others. In the meantime, please refrain from joining our servers so you do not get rebanned for ban evasion.


Thanks for being honest - makes it easier for everyone.

I’ll unban you. No reason to keep you banned if you promise not to cheat again - another person playing the game is always a good thing.

Welcome back to the game

Thank you guys, I’m glad to be back in this amazing community (: