Confirmation of Reki

Hi,today I am really annoyed on the player Reki that claims he is an official guard,I need to confirm that he is an OFFICIAL GUARD OF ALOHA SERVERS.

He is,but it doesn’t not matter guard of not don’t try to annoy people.

Yokai aka Rikuo aka Franz, if I’m right…

you can check for admins/guards/mods on this thread if you ever need to

i can also assure you nearly 100% that Reki is a great guard and i’ve never experienced any problems with him at any time. he keeps nearly all of the griefers out of pinpoint whenever he’s on and makes the playing experience there awesome. if you have some problem with Reki /togglebuild’ing you or something like that it’s no reason to go all “thermonuclear war” against him just because you think you were improperly incarcerated but based on the actions we’ve seen him do i’m having a very hard time believing the accusations you have against him.

yes you are right Reki!