Computer stats, ping time etc

What is your computer’s proccesing speed, number of cores, RAM, make of core etc and also what is your average ping time? My computer is 8 core at 2.2 ghz with intel core i7 and 8192 RAM. But my ping time is about 250-400 depending on the server because my internet is really slow. On Aloha servers its around 370ms.

why didnt you just say 8 gigs of ram?
ohh wait , your pc said that and you didnt calculate it to find out i bet LOl cool!

i have a apple IIe with a color monitor and a powersaver and dual 5in floppy drives and a 2600 bps modem.
1/100,000,000 of a core 256mb ram 1.75hz

lol, your grandmother’s rig i’m guessing. ;D That would actually be kind of impressive if you had a working one but seriously folks, please say which state or country you live in and say what your ping is.

U.S south east, 110-130ms
and my RAM is 1.25gb, so

Basically Canada.
110ms ping.
3 gig ram

100 ms, 1 GB ram, 2.7 GHz Pentium 4 processor.

I live in the US.

quad core AMD Phenom II @ 3.4GHz with 8GB RAM. in-game ping from Hawaii averages about 100 ms or so.

Mine is almost exactly like that with same ping, except 3 ghz dual core pentium 4 and its Vista Home Premium. Live in Florida.