Click the Eggs of the poster above you, then post your own!

For those dragoncave people…click the posters eggs they post (if you havent already) and then post yours. Don’t spam the topic, but you can post them after other posters to give updates.

Since when did this become a thing?

Eh. It is now :smiley:

fack you

Or you could just put your scroll

Er…posting eggs will get moar views

Oh, okay…
Anyway, I found this ember dragon abandoned, so I took it to emergencies and it hatched quicker than I thought, and since his father is named Julius Ember I decided to call it Tairus Ember


Whats so funny >:l?

Also, I love how the male adult electric dragon is doing like a kamehamehameha

You’re funny :3

Well, I wont argue with that…
Also, you are getting near 1000 posts :o

Someone please explain to me what type of game dragoncave is

Google exists ya know

I don’t want to do anymore research :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve done my share of that today

Fine, I will tell you

So basically you can get one or more eggs, it needs clicks to hatch and grow, and when it is an adult it cannot die.
If it recieves too much clicks and stuff it will get sick and die.
there are a bunch of em and there are rare ones too and stuff
Also, if it doesnt grow or hatch within a certain time limit it will die

Sniper you might want to send your dragon hatchling to the ER to finish growing…dosss hook him up

ER? you kidding? thats for noobs and dying dragons, I have all the views I need in this forum, I’m not in a hurry.
Not to mention it looks like a cheat, but thats debatable.

Eh I use it for hatching the adopted ones.

Hey monsta, can I see your scroll?
Or just go to account settings and out the display username on dragon page