Classic Maps Server

With the recent success of the Assault Event and the many servers that stay empty 24/7, it is high time for a server filled with beloved maps I rarely see anymore. In addition, the “Good Old Maps” server was somewhat successful during its time up. I believe that with the support of hardworking aloha staff and its community, a new server styled around the same concept could be the change this community needs.

At the least it would be better than constantly playing on one server. And speaking of Babel, it is the most boring gamemode for me personally due basically to the fact that it is the only consistently populated server. I feel like if I play Ace of Spades I am almost forced to play on tower of babel. Everything about it bores me nowadays, from the maps to the metagame to the spawntraps.

Not only that, but having a populated server with drastically different maps than what we are used to in today’s Ace of Spades would be a really cool refresh to the repetitive servers that are currently populated.

Now onto the actual maps. Kuunikal and I have done some thinking and we’ve come up with a few maps we think will be good fun and represent Classic Ace of Spades.



Bridge Wars

Bridge Wars







Isle of War

isle of war

Obviously there are a lot of memorable maps left out of the list, but this is just a proposal and any more than six maps might be a bit overwhelming on a new server. The only problems I can see are that these are all fairly large sized maps that take a decent amount of players in order to stay enjoyable; this exact problem may be why so many servers fail and conversely why babel is so successful. Even if there are little to no other players on babel, one can always have fun. Hopefully enough players will want to join this server and that problem does not occur. Kuunikal and I also dicussed an idea where the map rotation could be changed every few weeks in order to keep the server feeling fresh and include more beloved maps. Perhaps the community could even vote on them.

Anyway, I’d love to hear feedback on the maps and the possible map refresh.

I back this idea with strength. This is great. Awesome job, Eddy. :slight_smile:

cool idea

Bridge Wars and Anticbridge were the first maps I played when I started AoS. Definitely fun maps to add in rotation. Normandie is probably one of the best maps in my opinion.

Thanks Kuunikal and Stradivarius!

Bridge Wars and Anticbridge were definitely some of the first maps for me as well, and Normandie is a blast with a full server. I hope I’m not the only one that would desperately mash my mouse in an attempt to join the 24/7 Bridge Wars server.

do it! It’d be nice to see this populated for a while in place of babel. ( I still like babel I’m just burned out on it (new maps helped)).

Noo keep it vanilla! :o
Well, maybe have a poll.

A server with airstrikes and squads…
That brings back good memories :slight_smile:
I would love if this could be added to a server

Squads are pretty OP and airstrikes were fun unless in a small map. I would love a classic server with both however.

Maybe, I think for the first couple of weeks this would do well, and then we could possibly poll for things like that. I was thinking that if we get enough support we could open up the server with an event.

I would like an event to launch the server and keep in play. I think the maps you listed are decent enough to start it but it would be up to the higher ups to do it. I’ll push the notion to them later today and see, because I think the playerbase would like some TDM, CTF, or TOW in their game too over babel and arena.

I would personally remove the classic gen because there is already a server with it; the others maps are great (but some are smaller than others, so not same type of game, but cool for the rotation!) TDM, CTF or TOW is a hard choice; i’d say maybe TDM with a limit of time so maps often changes
(Or something totally different from those gamemodes)

I was thinking the maps would go to 1000 score overall with each kill being worth 1 point and intel caps worth 100, which goes under tdm as the game mode.

If we want airstrikes and squads, TDM would be the best mode for it since squads are pretty op on CTF and TOW. I think 750 would be better.

Why don’t you just add airstrikes and/or squads to Babel? If you think they’re too OP or take away from gameplay just nerf them. Make airstrikes only use half the amount of grenades and just make squads not be allowed to be bigger than 2 or 3 or something.

then the spawnkilling will become even worse

edit: bring that suggestion to another thread please

Excessive spawnkilling only happens on maps poorly designed to stop it or when one team is really outnumbered or really bad. If spawnkilling was really disliked by everyone the admins would have already created a script that made you invincible for several seconds after you spawned. The thing is that there are a lot of players like me that enjoy spawnkilling. It’s a great way of crippling the other team. If you get spawnkilled a lot, then that is where the “git gud” saying applies. I almost never have a problem with getting spawnkilled and I’m not even that good.

And the suggestion applies to this thread as most of the Babel maps are indeed “Classic”. Differentiating a server as more classic just because it has two more scripts on it and nostalgic maps seems kind of silly.

If you think a classic maps server would do so well, why don’t you use build and shoot’s custom hosting setup to make your own small server and see if it fills up? All the tools to fix all the problems that people seem to find and all the tools to make things people think need made are already at your disposal. Just whining to Danke about how he should do this or that is silly.

I like this idea, although I suggest swapping out Assault for goonassault2.

edit: or this one

[details=Torch]Changing babel is offtopic on this thread, though you’re welcome to make a new one if you have ideas for it. We have a script to stop spawnkilling and don’t use it because spawnkilling is not a problem. Squads make spawnkilling more prevalent but they also make the game unfair in many other ways. They can’t be nerfed heavily enough for babel. Spawnkilling is also offtopic on this thread - and not a problem, so we don’t have to talk about it. Babel maps are mostly not classic - currently 46 on the rotation and I can’t feel remember playing more than a handful of them on non-babel since way back when I started playing.

He’s offering an idea that the staff are considering to get more feedback - we’ve talked about this some in staff chat too. We don’t need BnS’s custom hosting - we’re aloha, we’ve got our own server.

All that said, let’s stay on the original topic in this thread.[/details]
I’m all for setting this server up.

I’m ehh about classicgen and normandie - they’re great maps, I know, but full-size maps never appealed to me quite as much. Bridges and assault would be a lot of fun, I have good memories on those maps (remember jest servers anticbridge? one of the most popular servers way back when, even if it had no admins). I also like isleofwar a lot.
Monthly map voting would be a neat idea too. I could try to setup a website which randomly picked 10 out of however many maps we can come up with, and then over the month people vote on their top3, and we take the top 6 for the next month’s rotation.
Some other old maps I remember liking: pyspades, paradise, killroy, roadisland, shaft2 - maybe stick them on the vote.

TDM 750 fits most of these maps well.
I’m nostalgic about the old scripts - and we don’t run them anywhere else - so they could be good to try. We can also experiment with tweaking them around - for example, squad mothers (when you have one guy afk in a hole to change your spawnpoint) are a bad thing, and we could try to figure out how to make it more fun for everyone. I’ll brainstorm a bit and start a thread later if I come up with any good ideas.

We already have a classic gen server, right? tbh I’d prefer seeing normandie and all those other lots of maps <3
Anticbridge is my favorite map… Brings back so maaaany memories <3