Cheating Report

IGN: LShax
I was playing on “ tug of war” and I caught a player named “16724871535312” using some kind of cheat that would let him see where enemy players were, probably on the mini map. I was tunneling underground and several times, he came to my exact position and tunneled straight down to kill me. I know he wasn’t just following the sound of my shovel because two of the times, I was not digging when he found me. When I accused him of cheating, he admitted to it and told me that if I didn’t like it then I should just leave. I warned him that I would report him for cheating if he didn’t stop cheating and he refused to stop.

  • LShax
This is the abuse report topic. I’d put it there. If you want to talk with an admin about it quickly, go here. This is Aloha’s IRC.