Chappy's Admittance/Confession, and an Apology to all.

Alright, now I know I said that I was leaving again, but that was so the conflict could die down. And also so I had time to write this; it was a lie.

But now, it’s time for the truth.

If you want to just hear me say it, then I’ll say it;

I cheated, in AoS, on aloha servers, while I was part of staff. I wish I’d never done it and I apologize to anyone who reads this.

But, that’s not the full story. I would toggle on and off mid-games, and I’m going back through my memory and recordings to find out what I used and when. If you don’t wanna read the whole thing, it was mainly ESP, because it was overpowered. I’d know if someone was cheating because they were looking straight at me, so my young mind kept on saying to me “This is good ‘cause now you can play with your friends and tell if someone is cheating at the same time!”, but I can’t excuse anything I’ve done.

The main goal of this thread is to stop the “Was he cheating in this round?” pool of questions. It’s also a sincere apology to anyone who I’ve affected;

Everyone: I’m sorry to those who stood up for me during the appeal, and if you felt embarrassed or shocked after more evidence was found. I apologize for the constant guilt tripping I did throughout the entire appeal, and I apologize for wasting everyone’s time and for the trouble I’ve caused, mainly the staff’s. This should’ve never happened and I hope it won’t happen again. I would’ve done this earlier, but I was too vain to come back. This admittance has taken 2 years: 2 years too long.

I’ll give you a simple list of the ‘accused’ situations (so, e.g. someone significant has said “Chappy, were you cheating at this very instance?” and I went “No lol you’re dumb lol” whince); so, pretty much the stuff brought up in my appeal, and then below I’ll make a full list in chronological order of everything. EVERYTHING.

N.B: Some of the dates are sketchy, I’m using date references from video names which sometimes came from things not made by me.

Date – Server – Hackusation – Hacks used

N/A – Arena Top 10 – No Spread w/ Shotgun (Detected by server) – ESP; No Spread
20/6/2013 – Arena Top 10 – Aimbot; ESP; No Spread – None
21/7/2013 – Babel – Aimbot; ESP (Caught by ESP Trap) – ESP
28/7/2013 – Babel – Aimbot; ESP; No Spread – None

If you read that right and thought about it, you’ll realise that (ironically enough) I was banned when I wasn’t cheating. It was the stuff brought up afterwards that I’m guilty for.

Those were what I could jog from memory and the ban appeal. Now it’s time for a full list of everything I did from my form being accepted to the end.

Before the list, here’s a few DoR’s:

Guard Application Accepted - 14/12/2012
First use of ESP while Spectator - 7/1/2013 [Not Cheating] [Used WTFAOS, didn’t know about Hooch]
First use of Hooch ESP while Spectator – 31/1/2013 [Not Cheating]
First use of ‘other’ cheats while Spectator – 2/2/2013 [Cheating]
Switched from using Hooch+ingameovl to topovl – 23/6/2013

And here’s the list:
Date – Server – Hacks Used

2/2/2013 – CTF – ESP
24/3/2013 – CTF – ESP; Aimbot
11/4/2013 – Arena Top 10 – ESP
N/A – Arena Top 10 – ESP; Aimbot; No spread
22/4/2013 – Babel – ESP; Aimbot
6/5/2013 – Pinpoint 1CTF – ESP
22/6/2013 – Pinpoint 1CTF – ESP; Aimbot
5/7/2013 – Hallway R1CTF – ESP
21/7/2013 – Babel – ESP
24/7/2013 – Arena Top 10 – ESP; Aimbot
27/7/2013 – Babel – ESP

Before finally submitting this I decided to include a few personal apologies;

Colorpinpoint: When I found out you had been recording me in other games I should’ve backed down and admitted. I had no reason to say what I did and I can understand if you still don’t like me to this very day. I still think you’re cool (like, you stalked me for a week, that’s dedication) but I won’t be hurt if you aren’t willing to accept my apology.

ei8htx: Once again, after more evidence was submitted I should’ve realised the jig was up. I thank you for helping me with the appeal, and also for the math that came after. I’m sorry for wasting your time, I should’ve known that even though I was banned “wrongly”, there was more to come and take me down.

Drebbel: You destroyed me. After watching “The Office” reference again that 8x posted I can agree that (not only is that reference very accurate, but) you definitely weren’t gonna give up with the debate. You shouldn’t have had to argue with me for 5 pages; there never should have been any arguing. You could have been doing something else like hanging out with your friends but instead you were stuck with an ignorant pre-teen throwing a tantrum.

Chase_UC: Up until more evidence was shown, (and somewhat after), you kept on wanting to talk to me. That really helped me out, as I needed someone at the time. I don’t feel bad about you getting angry with me after finally deciding that you couldn’t side with me. No big deal. Same thing as with everyone else, if you can’t accept this apology then I can’t force you to.

Juxta: I want to hit myself for all the immature guilt-tripping I did. Don’t feel bad about me, I was an asshole. After the ban came through you were one of the first to see it happen. I can still remember the IRC and how message after message the trust you had with me dissolved into an ocean of hate. If you still hate me, don’t feel bad about it: It was all my fault.

Staff Team: I wasted your time. You could’ve had better things to do than reply to an appeal which was already lost. I want to at least meet with a few of the friends I used to have, if you don’t wanna ‘remember’ me and would rather steer clear of me as much as possible, I understand why. Although I felt like I was being back-stabbed, it was the other way round. If you feel like you can’t trust me anymore because of what I’ve said, did, or done, I’m ok with you feeling that way. Relationships are built on a bridge of trust, and sometimes if that bridge falls you don’t wanna re-build it.

If I can’t be accepted back into aloha then I don’t have any problems with it. I came back so I could post this, so I could show you that I’m a better person now; that I’ve changed. I created the new profile so I could hopefully show people that I’m now not like what I was, and how I don’t want to be related to that – ‘person’ – anymore.

Thank you so much for reading, even if it was just the first few lines. It means something to me. I hope you and everyone else can see that I’m a different person. If you’re new to the forum or weren’t around when this massive clusterfuck happened, then I hope you read the entire post so you can see how bad I was and now how I’ve changed.

Thank you, welcome back.

Oh, also, big thanks to Monstarules for getting me to come back and then giving me the motivation to write this all up. I hope everyone also realises how annoying you can get.

You’re welcome Chappy. Welcome back. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re back. :’)